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The Truth Is Absolution Lyrics

Faust Again The Truth Is Absolution

Why it has to be this way?
An angel who's giving little tap on the child's forehead
Is like a messenger of God with his gentle touch
To erase what is ours

Once and forever!
Instinctively we catch our first breath
So the agony lasts for one second longer

The constant threat of death and torture
Nothing could be worse than this damned withering
Immersed in all fears of better tomorrow
Slowly we witness our demise (twilight)

Stumble after stumble
Fall after fall
We stand up and carry our cross

We've traversed those ways many times before
But still find it hard to believe
That this is only a trap prepared for the weak ones
Who dared to preserve some shred of hope

This must be something more than just stupid pride
This must get us closer to the God!

All the time you thought you were there
While you were beside me
I can forget what you have told me
But still remember your face

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