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Numb Lyrics

Faust Again Numb

For the very last time
I'm looking through my own eyes
As the Sun goes down (together)
We say goodbye to this frozen world

The star light up my garden of grief
Perform the last rites as I'm sinking in
the emptiness of thoughts
Dark images sparkle in the sunbeams

My heart lied low to avoid it's corruption
No reason to oppose, to keep my forehead high

My wrists are tied and swollen
A puppet in the hands of wicked men
Hanging like a tool they have the use of me
My world could only decay in the course of time

My knees hurt dragging along this hell of concrete
I try to ignore my hopelessness
The pointlessness of it all
Somehow I know I'm gonna blend into this state

I know that I'm dying now only to be reborn as a beast
Senseless, callous yet stronger...

I'm still feeling pain but it doesn't arouse any anxiety

Trying to push aside all feelings
Why can I not lose the burden of common sense?
Are these our lives, what we are fighting for?
We are shadows of shadows...
But we shall not give up!

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