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Frozen Minds Aching Hearts Lyrics

Faust Again Frozen Minds Aching Hearts

Spent so much time with the head in the ground
Cause we never believe we could see something more
Than what we let our eyes see
(keep) staring at nothing in the most distant place on earth
I'm so happy not being part of this
Failure encloses me (but) never embraces me
I will never fall in disbelief (and I will live)

For all the games that we will never win
For all the stars that we will never reach
For all the people that we will never meet
For all the words that we will never speak
I won't give in

And I will stare straight into the sun to see
But my eyes will never blink!
And I need to be as far as I could be
To reach for what is there for me (what shines for me!)

I could never stop this urgency to be who I want to be
Never (be my) own enemy
I took the first step in the clouds to see
That reality won't surrender me
Feels like my number comes up in the lottery
And I will record myself for infinity
And outlive all of those born after me (so I live!)

For all the thrills that we will never feel
For all the dreams that we will never dream
For all the places that we will never see
For all the times that we give up to seek
I won't give up!

To believe into things that no-one did
To feel like a newborn after all those years
To touch the stars so bright that burn our eyes
To lift the sky which seems to be so far

If this is a dream I don't want to be waken up...

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