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The Longest Festering Around Lyrics

Faust Again The Longest Festering Around

You know these lyrics, you know this song
You wrote these lyrics with your tears and blood
So many tries to forget but it yells for more
It won't let you fall asleep and this guilt won't go

It weights your heart and consumes your soul

You won't close your eyes it won't let you go
We've got all those roles we've lost control

It's like a never ever ending waiting for love
It's like a never ever ending waiting for calm

This world is so much bigger than eyes of anyone of us could ever see
But whenever you look around there must be someone who would make you believe
That even if tears don't taste the same for everyone of us
It's solely the fact if we agree to see them that makes us different
And what it means to see what's in our hearts
What flows in our blood what never leaves our minds
If you can't pretend even for a second
That is why your eyes still bleed

Some things have to be reinvented
Love has to be reinvented
Hope has to be reinvented
Happiness has to be reinvented
And all those things that once mattered
And now just faded with time
That is why your heart still bleeds

We've got to lay this burden down
We've been living in this shadow for much too long now
It's not that we are blind
It's not that we are numbed
And that's why all the wounds have to be healed now

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