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Not Without A Blink Lyrics

Faust Again Not Without A Blink

Try to bury most seductive dreams
And it's like you would bury yourself
You forget about today
And you loose tomorrow but you'll face it

You restrain to scream but this silence may break you up
I call your love insincere but your hate is for real

And you won't rest until it's all over
Life won't forget about itself... and you

So afraid of truth
That you would love every single lie
One path leads to another
But only when you won't stop in motion

Every step emphasized made in spotlights!
Every breath like a precious gift take it deep!
What flames could do, would be your resurrection
Try to break through the crowd that holds you down

This time I want to feel life is mine life is real
Whatever makes me feel won't stop now won't stop here

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