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Something About Us Lyrics

Faust Again Something About Us

You define yourself by the choices you make

It's about time to take a stand
A stand on who I am
As time goes by I can't
And I won't pretend

That what we do just don't affect
Those who can not object
To what they think is right
But not in my eyes

Will you hear what they can't
Will you see?
Just take a look where you stand
Make this move!

It's about time to make a stand
A stand against the threat
Of being ignorant
To the pain and suffering

Of those who can't object
And those who can't defend
Themselves when we reign
We have to make it end

We should be equal!

If we want to move on!
We can't go on like this!
It's about time to break off
Drop the notion that persists

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