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Stay Of Execution Lyrics

Faust Again Stay Of Execution

Fate ain't shrouded in mystery
No revelations need to be seen
Aftermath of war and failure
Mutilation sent us sprawling
Fellow man still on his knees
An event that staggered the world
Distress that we are all drenched in

Our wails won't reach his ear
Abandoned as a piece of litter

We consume with joyous abandon
Not even able to see ...
Our hearts beyond reproach
We yearn to talk and prick up ours ears
But celebrate the flash and remain deaf
Ought to desist from such foolish negation

Without any compunction we drifted apart
Desecrated our souls, defaced our bodies

The God of vengeance will rise
Making all lives equal to the ashes
We will embrace this fate
Without any sign of refusal

Soon we become aware
That's only stay of execution

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