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To Dwell On Thoughts Of You Lyrics

Faust Again To Dwell On Thoughts Of You

You're my invitation to happiness

There's only one place to be
Only one direction there is!
I'll never change this course
I learned what miracle means

If time could only be ours
And space between won't exist
I'll be there holding you tight
And let the whole world disappear

I cannot loose it twice
(I got) one love (for) one life
Forever left behind
What was holding me down

And I know what's love about
And carry so much inside
If only you could be here
I'd show you how much

There's only one truth for me
Only one voice to believe
This truth will shine eternally
No darkness could ever scare me

And when I look at the past
There is no things I would regret
New days carry us like a waves
And we will reach the safest place

There's no need to use words
Cause they won't tell what I feel
Just when I look in your eyes
You know it's so for real

One silent promise as this!

Love is there to fill the air we breathe

What could be more precious than things that we share
It's time, it's space it's whole wide world in both our hands

To swim in the ocean of dreams that we both found
So warm and endless, and so ... bottomless

Forever - could not be that far
It's within our reach
Can you see how close it is?
There is no self-control
When fall like this
With no fear, with no limits

How much more there is to become a part of this
What we call a dream
But it appears more like a reality to me...
A promise of eternity
That waits for me (just like you wait)

I'll cherish all moments that we steal and steal...

I'll be holding my breath for now and then breathe you in...

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