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Caroline's Spine Forget

As I wander through this house where my man became a mouse
          I can see how we started so innocently.
          As I agonize my way through another yesterday
          I still don't know how you could have sunk so low
          You wouldn't follow me with the rest of them
          Now I'm by myself.
          You wouldn't protect me from the rest of them
          I'm beside myself and I'm trying to forget...
          As I pack up the things we shared
          I try to convince myself I never cared
          yet I feel that we were the only real thing.
          When I think back to when we were one
          then you accuse me of things I never could've done
          and you never confessed of looking for excuses.
          So I retreat to my family
          who showed you endless generosity and yes,
          I hear a sigh of disbelief.
          So, I will go on with my life, court another,
          maybe gain a wife and I'll try to outgrow
          just going through the motions.
          You will alwasy be a step ahead in the back of my head
          while I'm trying to forget...

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