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Hippie Boy Lyrics

Album Name : Monsoon
Release Date : 1997-04-22
Song Duration : 4:30

Caroline's Spine Hippie Boy

My hippie boy don't want to be a man,
          My hippie boy don't want to understand,
          My hippie boy lives in a Volkswagon van.
          Hippie boy don't know how to communicate
          He says he knows love that knows no hate
          My hippie boy leaves his life up to fate
          Yeah, he's my hippie boy.
          My hippie boy don't know his own feelings
          Wants to draw flowers on my ceiling
          I think my hippie boy is trying to do me in.
          My hippie boy won't follow the commandments
          Don't follow laws, he don't follow government.
          My hippie boy wants to start his own settlement.
          Yeah, he's my hippie boy.
          He said, "...come sit beside me.
          Tell me about the things you adore.
          And please don't remind me
          that I am not the boy you'd hoped for."
          My hippie boy won't get up off his ass
          He don't care if he fail or if he pass
          My hippie boy... I know he's been smoking grass.
          My hippie boy don't even know where to begin
          He says he wasn't put on this earth to fit in
          and my hippie boy got his momma sticking up for him.
          She's always sticking up for him. Yeah, he's my hippie boy.
          My hippie boy left our lives to join a band
          says his band plays throughout the land
          My hippie boy bought his mom a car for twenty grand.
          They say he's putting out town up on the map
          The mayor called this morning for a photograph
          And all the kids are asking me for my autograph
          'Cause of my hippie boy...

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