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Ouch Lyrics

Caroline's Spine Ouch

I've been around this world a thousand times in my head
          and I've seen all the faces that pissed me off over the years
          won't you come into the light so I can see you truly?
          I didn't look when I had the chance.
          I've read all the books I needed to in grammar school
          and I've heard all the disciplines and all the golden rules.
          Won't you feed my little frog?
          He's resting in the driveway with his heart
          on the outside of his mouth
          So where's your heart?
          I've dreamed of cowboys dancing with the Navajo
          and I've hurt alot of people with impatience uncontrolled.
          Don't you want to dance,
          and put me in a trance with my heart in my hair?
          So where's your heart?

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