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Caroline's Spine 61

I've seen the writing on the wall
          I've tasted the dust to my lungs,
          through my veins.
          The wind has forced me to advance to where I'm standing
          as I turn around it erased my track.
          I feel the urge to move on
          but to behome eating sandwiches with "Ang & Barn"
          I miss home.
          So please see for me what I could be
          61 open your gate its all been the estate of mind
          "Go and I'll time you!", she said
          but she never looked at the watch.
          little did I know she would become a memory
          to my lungs, through my veins.
          The trees look so small at night
          when the moon shines bright upon my world
          I've seen your world... to my veins

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