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On The Ground Lyrics

Caroline's Spine On The Ground

You see it coming in the distance.
          You don't know what to do.
          If you let it pass by your dream maybe through.
          I say grab it while you can, hold tight, with both hands.
          You are shaken on the winding road
          as your face hits the ground.
          Stopping here is all you can think, as it echos all around.
          Jump back on your feet again
          climb high on that beast until you win.
          You see it in the distance you see it fading fast.
          That dream is now a memory, a figment of the past.
          Could you have been the best?
          No one knows cause you stayed behind with the rest
          of us, on the ground.
          Staring at the sky,
          wishing one more chance would pass us by
          ... as for the rest of us on the ground -
          we'll grab that beast a climb high,
          but until that day its the rest of us
          on the ground.

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