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Necro Lyrics

Album Name : Monsoon
Release Date : 1997-04-22
Song Duration : 3:07

Caroline's Spine Necro

I'm a necropheliac and I'm all right
          I work it all day, work all night
          I'm a necropheliac looking for reaction
          my deviancy is at the core of attraction.
          I'm a necropheliac close your eyes
          no more laughter, no more cries
          I'm a necropheliac check your head
          I'm loving you alive, I'm loving you dead.
          Will you marry me?
          No, I don't think so.
          I know you want my insides out
          I know you need my insides out
          I know you want me.
          I'm a haphaephiliac I need to be touched
          I like to be gentle, I like to be rough
          I'm a coprophiliac and so kind
          I'll take whatever you leave behind.
          I'm a hypoxyphiliac I need the freedom to think about you
          when I should be breathing. I'm an agrophiliac I need my
          won't lock you up, won't tie you down.
          "...then she slipped a round of you then she said,
          'I seem so helpless.'
          "Yes" I replied.
          Then she slipped out of view.
          Slipped out of you."
          I'm a necropheliac looking for reaction,
          my deviancy lies at the core of attraction.

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