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My World Lyrics

Caroline's Spine My World

I once had a dream of all the colours in harmony,
          but so did MLK and look what happened to him.
          In walking through Will Roger's farm,
          I saw that man's beauty and charm.
          Such the humanitarian taken so suddenly
          Yet, I see a world of hope
          and I see a world where you won't choke on the smoke
          of machines or by the hand of another.
          Camelot's spaceman was wise until
          Zapruder shocked mine eyes
          and to all the world's surprise, the champ was defeated
          I remember my history class
          when we heard of the Challenger blast.
          All those lessons of the past
          got seven new heroes.
          I see a world of love
          and I see a world full of hugs
          front all the people standing together.
          I ain't saying that my life is bad
          but for now this dream is all I'll ever have
          until my world becomes a reality.

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