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Psycho Lyrics

Album Name : Monsoon
Release Date : 1997-04-22
Song Duration : 3:19

Caroline's Spine Psycho

Busy, busy, I'm so busy, I've got no time for you.
          Sleazy, sleazy, you say I'm sleazy
          for all the things I put you through.
          Angry, angry, now you're angry
          sick of all t games were playin'.
          Sleepy, sleepy, I'm so sleepy
          tired of all the things you're sayin'.
          I'm so sorry, excuse me for living
          I didn't know you were a psycho...
          Wasted, wasted, I get so wasted
          sometimes I can't get up the stairs.
          Stupid, stupid, you say I'm stupid
          for telling you to not be scared.
          Frightened, frightened, now your frightened
          you thought we were 'oh so close'.
          While I'm dying, dying, slowly dying
          Cause you won't leave me alone.
          I'm so sorry, excuse me for living
          I didn't know you were a psycho
          Salute me, greet me, so glad to meet me
          then you say I'm such a mess.
          Well, sue me, chew me, beebopbaloo me
          thanks so much... now go get dressed.
          Preach me, teach me, so glad you reached me
          before you found me I was wasted
          you found me, bound me rolled all around me
          now you're gone and I got FACED!

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