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Million Years Lyrics

Caroline's Spine Million Years

It's about time I got a little serious
          maybe not about my life
          but what you mean to me.
          It's about time I said something sincere...
          My dear.
          Why do you respond to questions of ridicule
          about your past?
          Why do you dry the tears so fast to make sure
          I don't see that I've hurt you again?
          My friend.
          No, I would never desert you
          because I could never deserve you in a million years.
          It's about time you questuion my authority
          of issues of honesty.
          Although, I know that I believe in you.
          I can't believe you still believe in me.
          Why do you wait for my wandering mind
          with the patience of a person twice your age?
          Is it that you've found the answer to questions
          I haven't even tripped on yet?
          Please... do not forget me.

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