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Say It To You Lyrics

Album Name : Monsoon
Release Date : 1997-04-22
Song Duration : 3:22

Caroline's Spine Say It To You

When the man spoke, the people listened
          And they followed him to death
          I was the closest to him
          And this I must confess
          That I never felt I had the chance to say
          All the things that were in this heart of mine
          They say you learn from your big mistakes
          And I think its just about time that I...
          Say it to you, say it to me
          Say it to all of us
          In perfect clarity (to all our families)
          I'm so sick of people talkin' out of their ass
          About the way things are today
          They bitch and moan every time you see them
          In their own peculiar ways
          They're lunchin', they're munchin',
          And then they start punchin'
          'Cause they just can't get it straight.
          What's the use in beating around the bush
          Unless you're getting a little
          I'm sick of living this life in vain
          Black or white, love or spite
          Just give me the facts on what you're feeling
          I try to be patient but you're killing me...

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