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Headache Lyrics

Paul Blest Headache

All of my friends want to tear down the walls
I'd be happy finding four that I feel comfortable in
Instead of counting the hours and days until I feel real again
Holding my thoughts hostage while I burn more bridges and friends.

And the time that we spend, is no time for cynicism.

If you hate this place so much, why do you live here?
And spend all of your weekends in strangers' basements.
Because "home is where the heart is".
So take her words to heart and find a home.

And the time that we spend, is no time for petty arguments.

About how the light at the end of the tunnel is dimming more and more.
With every sketchy promoter who booked a half-ass show on tour.
But when we all settle down and look back on these days.
Ask yourself if the ties that bind us managed to bend and break your spirit.

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