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Mistreatin' Blues Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 3:21

Frank Stokes Mistreatin' Blues

Now you mistreat me : oh baby drove me from your door
Oh but the Good Book say : mama you got to reap just what
you sow

Well if you don't want me : well mama you don't have to
*run no salt*
I can find more good girls : than a passenger train can

I ain't going by your color : or woman neither by your
good hair
Oh but the dreams that you give me : baby call me from

Now you may be brownskin : and your hair weren't too long
If you mistreat me woman : you sure God lost your home

And I'm going to the Gypsy : have my good gal's fortune
She got a pocket full of green : and back her mouth's up
full of gold

And it's wonder what the reason : now baby I can't rest
at night
For the gal that I'm crazy about : have took my appetite

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