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Beale Town Bound Lyrics

Album Name : Creator of the Memphis Blues
Release Date : 2005-06-21
Song Duration : 2:54

Frank Stokes Beale Town Bound

Said I'm leaving mama, going away I'm going to leave you
Every time I think I think I'm downtown

Yeah listen mama what I'm about to say to you
Ain't a thing to the world mama that I want you to do

If the blues get away from me mama I'm going back home
with you
Every time I see you I think about the things I want to

And I'm going I'm going mama what you want me to bring
you back
Mama think about the things in the world that your good
friends have

I'm going to the workhouse set out on the floor
And if the times don't get better I ain't going back
home no more

And I feel like hollering murder in the first degree
You didn't have no business mama starting this deal with

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