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Half Cup Of Tea Lyrics

Frank Stokes Half Cup Of Tea

Hey : what do you want your man to do
Said I rob and steal : and make everything for you

Well now for my breakfast : give me half a cup of tea
About half past nine : sing the same old song to me

Now : I ain't going to work for you no more
Every time I work for you carried from door to door

Well now your wife get and don't want to stay at home
Find another one walking : let the front‑door gal alone

Hey : something's really worrying me
It's not my best *filly* : but it's the gal I'd like to

I say sometime I feel : like I'm going away from home
Men don't like my peaches : they sure can't leave me

Hey : mama what's the matter now
*Every midnight dream in the world* : and I don't know

And I feel like hollering : murder in the first degree
You didn't have no business gal : starting to deal with

I : ain't going to stay with you no more
Every time I stay with you : *carried* from door to

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