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Nehi Mama Blues Lyrics

Album Name : Masters of Memphis Blues, CD C
Release Date : 2006-08-01
Song Duration : 3:06

Frank Stokes Nehi Mama Blues

White man take the blues : he walk to the river and sit
If the blues get too heavy : he'll jump overboard and

Now it's east and west : north and south
Why the Nehi women : have done turned me out

So they can eagle rock me they can talk me : about the
things that I used to do
I got the Nehi blues mama : don't know what in the world
to do

Well now T for Texas : T for Tennessee
M is for mighty bad weather : boys she stole away from me

Now down North Third Street : the corner of Beale
Where the Nehi women : have got a terrible *steal*

Now papa got to singing : my folks got to crying
For Nehi women : stays on my mind

Now little batch of posies : laid on my door
The Nehi women keep me : everywhere I go

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