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Mr. Crump Don't Like It Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 2:42

Frank Stokes Mr. Crump Don't Like It

If Mr Crump don't like it : he ain't going to have it
No barrelhouse women : God and drinking no beer

I saw the Baptist sister jump up : and began to shout
But I'm so glad : that that whiskey vote is out

I saw the Methodist sister jumped up : and they had a fit
She was doggone sorry : *weren't* king corn *here*

I saw the Presbyterian sister turn around : and began to
Lord I believe I'll start out : to barrelhousing again

I saw the deacon look around : sister why in the world
don't you hush
I'd rather see you get drunk : than wear this *hubbard*

You don't like my peaches : don't shake my tree
Don't like my fruit : let my orange juice be

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