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Sweet To Mama Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 2:54

Frank Stokes Sweet To Mama

Lord I woke up this morning : with the blues all around
my baby's bed
I turned my face to the wall : baby these are the words
I said

Lordy it's sweet to mama : now mama where you stay last
Because your clothes all wrinkled : mama and your hair
sure ain't fixed up right

Lord it's two drops of water : Lord and one or two
grains of sand
Now babe the blues ain't nothing : but a woman want to
see her man

Lord it's two pretty steamers : Lord they running along
side by side
And now you know my good gal : I can't keep her

Lord my mama told me : Lord when I was a child
You having good times now : you have trouble after

If I just had a‑listened : to just what my mama said
I would have been at home : trying to live good and

Lord when you see the spider : Lord a‑running up and
down the wall
He must be going somewhere : great God to try and have
his ashes hauled

I said a‑weeping Mary : now Mary don't you weep no more
And now stop and take your time : and do your work
everywhere you go

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