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It Won't Be Long Now Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 3:08

Frank Stokes It Won't Be Long Now

One of these mornings : mama and it won't be long
Before you miss your good man : rolling in your arms

I'm going I'm going mama : what you want me to bring you
Mama think what I'm carrying away : something that your
good gal likes

I don't want no gravy mama : when the gravy get cold
Don't want no bad‑luck woman : ain't got no place to go

You miss your baby : rolling in your arms
But if you don't come to see me : count the days I'm gone

And I'm going I'm going : put a black tape on your door
For your man ain't dead : just ain't coming here no more

Now when you lay down at night : lay down early try to
take your rest
You get a call before down : wake up and try to do your

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