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Hey There Delilah (from Samson) Lyrics

Tim Hawkins Hey There Delilah (from Samson)

Hey there, Delilah
This is your ex-boyfriend Samson
I know you thought that lifting weights
Made me so buff and handsome
You were wrong
Itís cause I let my hair grow long
That makes me strong

Hey there, Delilah
You came in while I was sleeping
And I couldnít feel you cutting
And I didnít hear you creeping out the door
You left my hair piled on the floor
While I just snored.

Oh, what you did to me
Oh, while I was asleep
Oh, Iím a Nazarene
Oh, but you shave me clean
Delilah youíre so mean

I killed a lion, big and mean
And slaughtered many Philistines
all with a donkey's jawbone
thatís no lie.
Now Iím chained up to the wall
And I canít cry no tears at all
Because they came and gouged out both my eyes.

Whyíd you grab your clipping shears
And shave my head like Britney Spears?
And now Iím standing here in total shame
Youíre to blame

Hey there, Delilah why did you have to deceive me
And itís hard for me to think not long ago I wanted you to be my bride
But you took too much off the sides
Hey there, Delilah when you die
Just tell the Devil I said, "Hi,"
heíll know why

Oh, itís what you did to me,
Oh, now Iím up a creek.
Oh, now I feel so weak.
And Oh, I look like a freak.
Delilah, youíre a geek.
Oh, oh, oh

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