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Moon Lyrics

Nate In Public Moon

Ice cold, you are by far but not enough to freeze me,
for my blood runs cool from the lust you crave,
And the temperature is dropping.
See, I don't get any second chances
On yesterdays or last nights.

No harness to pull me back to sky
And back to the stars.
Oh, please God another try.

So a deal will be made on this January night
To begin the closing stages of this daily quota.
The machines, this operation will be shut down
And burned to the ground.
We will show them.

Me and you moon, we've got something in common -
Just waiting for an eclipse
'cause the one star we seek, we can't have.

When I give you the signal,
Open up your arms, release the blaze to light the sky
And wake the people up.
They'll defend you when you rise.
And down the hill we fell,
Though we tried to keep our hands to the side.
Cast another wish into the well.

Bones break over cold faces.
The world races as yours explodes.
Eyes open so the light can rush in,
And the warmth can fill you down to your toes.
Dreams may save you from the pain we go through,
But you can't sleep through this. It's time to come home.

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