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Mexican Pocket Guide Lyrics

Album Name : Wake Up, Child - EP
Release Date : 2006-01-01
Song Duration : 4:56

Nate In Public Mexican Pocket Guide

As we march the clumsy boys hit the floor
Their mothers and their fathers screaming
"We don't want no more."
But it's war, it's war, it's war
And you sell all these contracts that we can't afford
And play these game with our souls
Bidding all your shallow words
Against the sound of the passing birds

If only willing were as able
And if only cowards had a face
They'd say "Now, boy you carry such a heavy design
And every inch that you move is just a moment too shy.
And boy I told you don't be surprised to find
that by morning your dreams were swept away in the night."

Is this seat taken? Is that seat taken?
Can anybody see what's going on up there?
Well if I ever get to sleep again,
Please remember the last thing I said

And I will be the one you hear
The only voice you need to fear
Life is a message, for a grave they kept hollow
And filled above the rim with tears
A hundred eyes you've yet to meet
Buried with all the saddest hands
Forgotten as the years go past

It might be safe to believe
We are designed for common productivity
And I'm just imagining my own life
Safe and tucked away, ready to come alive.

I am only trying to catch a lapse in time, this breath of mine
And all this pain brought out even the best of myself
It keeps me breathing

The only promise we had ever kept
To be an ounce of truth, a graduate of depth
And now the morning calls and begs for us to rise
Wake up child.

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