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Dancing Partners Lyrics

Nate In Public Dancing Partners

'A fact of life',
You say as you turn out the lights
And roll to your side.
The city's awake and holding all of its calls tonight.
No bottles, only holes to keep your thoughts inside.
The safety and concern are hardly what's on your mind.
What a coward it takes to live that life.
All frozen in time - the Coney Island coastline.

Oh, my love, well they bring fire to your front door
Like that's enough. Do you believe every word you were told?
And oh, my dear, are you content with all you hear
Like there's a chance all truth has passed?

But we hold our tongues and leave
Like a child ashamed of his beliefs,
And it breaks your heart but it's so relieving,
Your dancing partner took the lead.

Deadlock mile.
We've covered every boundary line
The best we could find -
A story woven deep within the hands of time,
A covenant of ripe denial where no one speaks a word of any value.

You take the time to erase all the ease from my life
And pry this briefcase from my cold hands.
Can you make sure the letters get sent out before I die?

Oh, let it rain and we'll just melt away
Like the world beneath the bay,
So you know how hard it is to live when you’re away.
So I say, "Good luck my love, where ever you may be".

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