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49 Entries For Beautiful Lyrics

Nate In Public 49 Entries For Beautiful

We feel the rain start to make its way
Into the sunniest summer day.
But we don’t slow, we feel the weight on our clothes,
And we accept the things we cannot change.

We jump in the lake like we a part of the waves
And feel them wash away the pain that got us here.
I would’ve drowned forever if you hadn’t reached out for me.

Well I’m sorry I couldn’t stay,
But keep my picture when I’m away.
And you know I’ll be counting the days
And every mile it takes to tear you away from me.
I know the distance is more unforgiving every year.

It’s just who we are, the memory in a scar
And every song we destroy with every sing-along.
The most beautiful words to compliment or assure
You mean more than I could ever tell you.

And hey, keep your heart where I can see,
And don’t let occasion drag your feet.
Here’s to being nowhere with the ones that you need
And to loving you as much as it seems.
So what do you fight for? What do you love?
For every question I’m dreaming up,
There is an answer before I can speak –
To be able to breathe while your caution sleeps
And desire to better every life that you see.

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