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Dreaming In Splendour Lyrics

Mithras Dreaming In Splendour

I see a world Structured from my soul Palaces from my
dreams My spirit can embrace You attack my body Making me
ever strong I shall stand tall I am everlasting

Souls rise to the eternal sea The weak crumble away
Strong becoming ever stronger A force beyond the mortal
Hear the souls call Lifting me from within Embraced i
rise A god in my death

Reaching the invisible mass It engulfs me with sanctity I
am caught with the others The ones who dream in splendour
My beacon burns so bright Becoming brighter still My call
cries over all I have risen beyond the physical

[Solo: - Macey]

I rise
I soar
I am everlasting

[Solo: - Macey]

Call out to me As i soar above Beyond the power of sight
I exist in a world of dreams Physical state gone from my
memory I rise forever more Immortality beckons I exist

[Solo: - White]

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