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Worlds Beyond The Veil Lyrics

Album Name : Worlds Beyond the Veil
Release Date : 2008-08-19
Song Duration : 4:33

Mithras Worlds Beyond The Veil

That which lies beyond
Open your eyes, awaken your senses
This I show you, now you shall see
And it will change, your world forever

See to beyond
Past perception and physical senses

We shall fall into the worlds beyond the veil

Entranced by the turning vortex
Its visions of splendour entice me
But yet there are things
Which I do not know or have ever seen
A portal opens
I fall far, far down
Amongst the ones
Who call for me.

Behold! This being gliding with form
Yet no form
Transfixed yet horrified by this angelic enigma
Run! It senses us. It feels us
It's coming
Can it cross the worlds' divide?
Will we escape it?

Wait, there is more than this
Yes, there is terror beyond known terror
But all we have done
Must not be lost
We shall step into the light

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