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Voices In The Void Lyrics

Album Name : Worlds Beyond the Veil
Release Date : 2008-08-19
Song Duration : 5:25

Mithras Voices In The Void

Yes I retreat, I've seen
That which you will bestow
Upon humanity
But you shall never be victorious
For I evolve
And strive beyond
The influence of your existence

Be calm my brethren
Your voices shall never go unnoticed
How could I forget?
The ones who stood by my word
Fear not
For I am coming
I endure
My last breaths

I feel the entities
So familiar
Ah, my brothers
It's time
I shall leave
Take me to the masses
Our separation has been too long
The distant cries
How I've longed for their embrace

Children, can you sense it?
The voyagers from beyond this realm
Man called to them
And they have come
Fear not
For they can harm you no longer
We shall embrace the sanctity
Of these distant planes

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