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Arena Sands Lyrics

Album Name : Forever Advancing Legions
Release Date : 2008-08-19
Song Duration : 4:20

Mithras Arena Sands

And so the silence shall fall Enter O warrior of the past
Greet thee with jubilation Rise hero to this mass Slayer
of mighty beasts Please this crowd -with butchery

Come forth 'O demons killer of man Go forward beasts of
blood lust Take these offerings blessed to you Prey upon
the weakened one Wretched demons burst from the gate
Feast upon the human man

[Solo: - Macey]
[Solo: - Macey]

Roman god of the arena Surrounded by your hunters See
eyes glaze with the dreams of death Their hunger commands
they feed Attack this human for the flesh Appease thy
ravenous beasts

Silence falls on the sea of man Blood spills from the
butchered beasts Saturate the arena sands Wounded warrior
stands Rises arm in victory And the ovation falls

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