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The Whores Of Adramalech Lyrics

Hellspawn The Whores Of Adramalech

The Ring of Fire
Dynasties gather, the dethroned angels
Fallen unto the mighty Adramalech
Wings drenched in the blood of purest sins
Whores join the blasphemous fornication
at the gates of hell

Six hundred and sixty six days to serve
His majesty high upon his throne
The King of Fire
Cavorting whores writhe
In the flames of Demonic lust

Enemy of God: Rampant Satanic F..cking
Enemy of God: A filthy hierarchy of whoredom
Enemy of God: Arch Daemon Orgy
Enemy of God: Satanic witches f..ck

Seething pit of hell fires
The rampant Satanic f..cking
Sanctuaries of evil disease
Incubation of Blasphemation

"In The Flames of Demonic Lust, Whores join the Blasphemous Fornication"

Song Meanings for The Whores Of Adramalech


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