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Necuratul Nefarious Lyrics

Album Name : Lords of Eternity
Release Date : 2005-03-08
Song Duration : 3:56

Hellspawn Necuratul Nefarious

Insatiable lust for blood
Darkest realms reborn
Possessed prince of pain
Induced erotesque nightmares
Sickly rituals and cruel bloody deeds
Stillborn invocation of blackened sacrifice

Malicious past impalements
Tortures primeval
Blood thirsty murders
Birth of the Necuratul
Nefarious sucking and drinking morbid liquids
Diminished rays of light enter
The forest of the Impaler

Immense violence
Engraved for all eternity
Romanian order of the Dragon
Shed blood of Martyrs
Staked victims thrust on f..cking poles
A ghoulish insanity
Progress towards immortality
Transylvanian tortures

Dark f..cking rituals
Sacreligious ceremonies
Order of the Dragon
Rise of the Necuratul
Impurest mutilations of memories seen macabre
Defiled victims staked and thrust on f..cking poles

Song Meanings for Necuratul Nefarious


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