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Lords Of Eternity Lyrics

Album Name : Lords of Eternity
Release Date : 2005-03-08
Song Duration : 4:49

Hellspawn Lords Of Eternity

The ancient burial rites
Pharoas preservation into afterlife
Chief embalmer
Hern Sheshta
Gods of the jackal enter Ber Nefer
The Mortuary Temples

Preservation of dormant spirits
Deceased yet to be unleashed
For all eternity cursed beneath
The sands, sealed in sarcophagus walls

Initation of Anubis
Guardian of the secrects
God of funerary chambers
Opener of the ways of the dead
Ancient funerary cults
The Lords of Eternity
The jackals cemetary vaults
Sinister black effigy
Occultic Invincibility
Unholy forces preserved

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