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Heirs To The Throne Lyrics

Album Name : Lords of Eternity
Release Date : 2005-03-08
Song Duration : 4:50

Hellspawn Heirs To The Throne

Antichrist brethren arise
Heathens of brutality
Hail to the darkest chosen horde
Hailstorms reign chaos from hell's skies
Destinations pre-meditated in death

Hail to the goat gods
Insanity supreme, heirs to the throne
Raptured, chaos reigns across this sphere
Grand heirarchy, justice in fear

Heirs To The Throne,
Exalted by their morbid deeds
Heirs To The Throne,
Swords hailed to the skies
Heirs To The Throne,
Blackened moon shines

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