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Carnal Desires Lyrics

Album Name : Lords of Eternity
Release Date : 2005-03-08
Song Duration : 3:56

Hellspawn Carnal Desires

The house of dreams
Shroud of darkness
Morbid place of morbid desires
Innocence blaspheme
Gratify perverseness

Carnal desires of the flesh
Consumed with sexual lust
Depraved inisidious fornication
Bestial child violate

Sodomized since birth
Devious bastard child
Diseased within
The Son of Sickness

Unquenchable thirst for violence
Thoughts towards depraved suffering
Victims of sickness, alienation
Tortured torso buried within

Controlled destiny
Awaiting final breath
Debaucherous deaths
The lust of all sins
Goats of Sodomy, possessed

Immortal children of the grave
Rise up and possess thy soul

Song Meanings for Carnal Desires


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