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You Shall Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 2:45

Frank Stokes You Shall

Oh well it's our Father : who art in heaven
The preacher owed me ten dollars : he paid me seven
Thy kingdom come : Thy will be done
If I hadn't took the seven Lord : I wouldn't have gotten

Oh well some folks say : that a preacher won't steal
I caught about eleven : in the watermelon field
Just a‑cutting and a‑slicing : got to tearing up the vine
They's eating and talking : most all the time

Oh well you see a preacher : lay behind the log
A hand on the trigger : got his eye on the hog
The hog said mmm : the gun said zip
Jumped on the hog : with all his grip

Now when I first went over : to Memphis Tennessee
I was crazy about the preachers : as I could be
I went out on the front porch : a‑walking about
Invite the preacher over : to my house

He washed his face : he combed his head
And next thing he want to do : was slip in my bed
I caught him by the head : man kicked him out the door
Don't allow my preacher : at my house no more

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