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Golden Street Parade Lyrics

Album Name : Great Things
Release Date : 2000-01-01
Song Duration : 2:19

Bishops Golden Street Parade

I知 here to sing the story of a mansion up in glory

Where the banner of the Lord is waiting in the sky.

A land where little children play

Among the saints in white array

Oh what a day in the sweet, sweet by and by


I知 gonna step from star to star

As I walk down the Milky Way

I知 gonna join my friends and loved ones

In that golden street parade

There値l be voices by the millions

With a shout of jubilee

Hand in hand with Jesus in that golden street parade

Marching in the golden street parade.

Down here my steps grow weary

My nights sometimes are weary

But faith has caught a glimpse of Heaven痴 shore

With Jesus there tomorrow, I値l end this veil of sorrow

I値l walk on streets of gold forever more.


Marching hand in hand in hand in hand

With the King in that golden street parade.

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