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Blind Bartimaeus Lyrics

Album Name : Songs That Reach the World
Release Date : 2010-04-29
Song Duration : 3:07

Bishops Blind Bartimaeus

Well old blind Bartimaeus stood on the way, blind
Blind Bartimaeus stood on the way.
Well old blind Bartimaeus stood on the way, crying
Oh Lord, have mercy on me

In my God's bible, the word proclaims
that Christ went healing the crippled and the lame.
He gave to the poor and the needy bread.
Healing the sick and raising the dead.
And then when He came to Galilee.
He passed by a man that could not see
Well, the main was blind, he was blind for birth.
They tell me that his name was Blind Bartimaeus.

Repeat Chorus

When Bartimaeus heard that the Lord was nigh,
He fell on his knees and began to crying
Oh thou man of Galilee
Cryin' great God Almighty, have mercy on me.

Crying Oh Lord, (Mary's baby)
Oh Lord, (Son of David)
Oh Lord, (Bleeding Lamb)
Oh, my Lord from in Bethlehem

Then my Lord, He stopped and He turned around
And He saw Blind Bartimaeus on the ground
And He touched his eyes with the palm of His hand
Blind Bartimaeus saw like a natural man.

He cried Thank God
Thank God
Thank God
Thank my God from in Bethlehem.

Repeat Chorus

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