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I Can't Even Slow Down Lyrics

Album Name : Stories
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Song Duration : 2:32

Bishops I Can't Even Slow Down

I Canít Even Slow Down

Mark Bishop / Kenny Bishop

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

How can a man be homesick for a place heís never been?

Sometimes I donít know if I can wait until He says, ďCome on in.Ē

This shell that God has given me will lose itís strength and wither away.

But Iíve decided Iíll return this soul to Jesus Christ someday


Cause I canít find a stopping place, seen nowhere I can even slow down.

Iím determined I will run the race, when I think of where Iím bound.

I canít even slow down.

I pray that my life would be a light that won't grow dim

Cause I feel a sense of urgency for the one's that don't know him.

Jesus has prepared a place for me when life is oíer

But I canít figure for the life of me what some folks are living for

Chorus 2x

I canít even slow down

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