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Forever Springtime Lyrics

Album Name : Stories
Release Date : 2001-01-01
Song Duration : 3:42

Bishops Forever Springtime

Forever Springtime

Springtime was her favorite time of year.

She loved to see the pretty flowers bloom.

And everyday she whispered ďthank you Lord.Ē

Cause she could see them from the window in her room.

Now and again her children came to see her.

But not as often as she would have liked.

Her smile was like a golden ray of sunshine.

She was living in the winter of her life

The doctor said the end was drawing nearer.

Her children came to sit close by her side.

They whispered ďMomma, is there anything that we can do for you?Ē

She held their hands and this was her reply.


ďDonít cry for me, Iím going home to see my Savior.

Thereís a garden Heís been tending just for me.

Why I can almost smell the sweet perfume of roses on the vine

Dry your eyes. Donít you cry.

Iím just going where it is forever springtime.

Promise me some day youíll come and see me.

Iíll be waiting by the crystal sea.

Where the Tree of Life is blooming.

Thatís where you will find me.

And weíll praise our Lord throughout eternity.


Forever springtime.

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