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Eyes Forward Lyrics

Album Name : From My Cold Dead Hands
Release Date : 2013-08-07
Song Duration : 3:47

Air Tight Alibi Eyes Forward

Your standing in despair, reflections of regret. Itís time to come clean and it falls apart with crimson hands. In the shimmer of the night, youíll open up to strangers. Do you think it would be alright if you just told the truth? The skeletons in your closet seem to be overflowing. In the wake of a bad decision, the pain is zeroed in on you. All the anger that youíve built up, all the darkness that contains you. All the loneliness inside, only fuels the fire. And all the pills and alcohol just seem to drop the anchor. And set up your pitfall on this sinking ship you ride alone. Donít let it take you away. Leave it now (far away) all the pain that surrounds you. Leave it now (far away) take control before it drowns you.

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