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Letting Go For The Last Time Lyrics

Album Name : From My Cold Dead Hands
Release Date : 2013-08-07
Song Duration : 2:44

Air Tight Alibi Letting Go For The Last Time
If you look in my eyes you'll see what lies inside
my little mind. My motives are useless,
but they tie me up and control my every move.
And these cobwebs, they are my eyes and now I'm blind.
And I'm buying the lie, but it doesn't seem to die.
So take my hand and walk with me out of this graveyard.
Of self infliction, I'm a walking contradiction.
I can't seem to kill it, and I can't seem to wake up
from this dream. With the angels singing and the soulless
spread their wings. They're circling me surrounded
by buzzards that feed in vain.
And when the darkness consumes me I'll be the one that's
still left here, standing soulless.

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