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The Curse Lyrics

Album Name : From My Cold Dead Hands
Release Date : 2013-08-07
Song Duration : 3:09

Air Tight Alibi The Curse

Stuck in this skin, self medicated misery, in misery. Pick up the pieces of my life (pieces of my heart) I hope you cut fingers, fingers when you try. I hold this burning match to throw it all away. And set it all aflame. Isolation, you said it didnt matter. (its not my fault its you) So whos to blame? Perhaps its conscience, it has no face it has no name. Dont try to pass this off like it was an accident. I know just what Im doing. I bid you all goodbye now. And were dying tonight (hang these heads from the rafters) Kick the chair away because were (falling down) If you look to the future (you will see my past) Maybe a lesson learned is a life served. Every time you open up your eyes you will see me staring back at you. Every time you close your eyes youPray for me. I stare death right in the face and Im ready to die.

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