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Where Shadows Grow Lyrics

Album Name : From My Cold Dead Hands
Release Date : 2013-08-07
Song Duration : 4:34

Air Tight Alibi Where Shadows Grow

Where shadows grow and cold is a feeling.
When ever I fold, no matter what the deal is.
And if I could breath then I would stop trying.
But if you could bleed then I would stop crying.
Now focus on this, stay close my friend.
The whispers recess the spirits within
(a false sense of hope. Dry my eyes,
and turn my back on the world.
Still I fall right on my face.
My hands around this bottle,
so much like your h ands around my neck.
And I can't breathe (asphyxiation) you can bleed.
I don't believe. A lonely bottle,
a lonely man. I'll set and drink my fill and tomorrow
I'll do it again. My hands around this bottle,
so much like your hands around my neck.
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