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Tread The Boards Lyrics

Album Name : Viewers
Release Date : 2004-05-17
Song Duration : 3:32

Z Prochek Tread The Boards

Let us stay presented
Let us raise our voice
Let us show our inside
And do the right thing
Defeat your inner fear
To get somewhere tonight
Know that you are better
Than words can declare

Let us show ourselves
Let us show ourselves
Take my hand and
Let us walk into the crowd of
People longing for more
Join hands
Join hearts
Join your voices

Let your heart decide
What ever is right
Don't you trust your mind
It is often there to blind
Find out what you're really
Really looking for
Take the opportunity
Your one single chance

Come with me and
Together let's do what ever is needed
Come with me and together let's reunite
In a way we've never done before


And we're longing for more

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